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We are hiring content creators once we get to 100K subs – just bring 20 of your friends

Hello friend, we are hiring more content creators to join us at Blazona staff, we just need your support to reach 100k On-site subscribers first.

It is simple, currently, we are at 5,000. Meaning we just need each one of you to share this post and bring 20 more people to subscribe. 

Fill this form with your best email, we need 100K email subscribers.

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Also, subscribe to web notifications.

To subscribe to Blazona for notification alerts, click on the Click to Allow button from the popup that appears (see the image below).

If you happened to have closed it accidentally, then click on the bell icon at the bottom right of this page and confirm the action to subscribe. (See image).

Don’t click on the bell again after you have confirmed your subscription to avoid being unsubscribed.  

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This is why we need more subscribers

Work is quite overwhelming us here at Blazona and we really need your support. We are determined to bring to you timely online job updates however we are constrained by manpower.

We need to hire more content creators so we can cover as much as possible for you to maximize the opportunities we share and increase your online earning potential. We hope our posts have helped you to land legit online jobs and so just show us some love and send us 20 of your friends.

There is much to cover that we really can’t manage to deliver without your support. 

Other than just writing posts, we also need to make videos so you can watch and easily follow the step-by-step videos to help you get started fast. Without forgetting one on one live customer support.

With 100K onsite subscribers, we will be able to hire more personnel and deliver even more quality content to you. 

The person in need of legit online opportunities could be right there on your timeline. And guess what, You could be among the colleagues we are looking for.

Help us get to 100K on-site subscribers and literally be part of the Blazona team and get paid monthly. Just Subscribe and share this post.

Increase your online earning potential by filling this form and sharing this post to bring more subscribers. Your email is safe with us. Let us grow together. We love you