Quick steps to finding yourself the right business mentor

Running a business can sometimes be tedious and lonely even if you are experienced. Whether it is an online or offline business, business is just business.

What can make you keep moving is the fact that you work knowing that someone else went through what you are going through and succeeded. Obviously, there are challenges that are difficult and can hinder you from going and yet there is one that has successfully overcome them.

We are living in a changing world whereby even our grandmothers could never think of and no one could be an expert in such a world. The challenges which we go through forces us to look for a business mentor who is ready and willing to guide us. Below are some steps to finding the right business mentor.

1. You’re the commander

Remember these mentors are the normal people we know and can easily be replaced. They mostly grow from informal interactions. Just because someone is in a place you have been dreaming to be doesn’t mean that he or she can be your mentor.

Never allow your mentor to be in a higher hierarchy than you. this can lead to a disrespectful mentor. a mentor is meant to motivate you in doing your business, provide guidance, emotional support needed. A mentor is never your commander at any given time. 

2. Consider your career goals.

The best way to consider who will best mentor you is by looking at your short and long-term goals. Where have you been aspiring to be, where you are right now and what you want to be in 10 years to come.

The question you’ll definitely ask yourself is how will I get there and by what means. Worry not, the best thing is getting someone who has already accomplished a similar path and willing to mentor your all through.

3. Examine your professional circle.

Who do you know or aspire to be like in your professional circle? It may not be someone with whom you work together or your boss.
It can be someone who is not your workmate. A mentor can be anyone who inspires you by what he is or what he does and you always seek to imitate his deed.
But not someone who shows up his or her ego. Think broadly before jumping to a conclusion in choosing your mentor.

4. Find the right mentor.

Just because someone has the goals or is doing what you inspire to do doesn’t mean that he or she is ready to guide you. Some mentors you choose can be disqualified to be mentors because of their actions.

Some are jealous of knowledge and may fail to benefit you at all. That’s why I advise you to study someone before you decide on whom to settle with as your mentor.

5. Commit to mentorship

As a mentee, you have to be ready for a commitment with your mentor. You should always avail yourself anytime your mentor calls upon you for a meeting.

This shows respect for their time. For example, if your mentor calls you for a 30 minutes long meeting, Don’t keep him or her for 45 minutes by asking too many questions – be moderate.

Also, try to follow his or her guidelines. This motivates the mentor in the fact that he gets to know that his skills are being put into practice.

Be open to your mentor as they also need to learn from you. Don’t dare leave any bone unchewed about your business.

6. Take stock 

If you feel that your mentor is adding no value to you kindly be free to walk out. And if your mentor also feels like he or she is wasting your time he or she shouldn’t be afraid to tell you.

Once you have found your mentor, be ready to put his or her advice into work and take stock. Don’t follow your mentor’s advice blindly as some advice may wrongly fit your expectations.

7. Do your research.

Seek for someone who fits your expectations rather than bumping into anyone just because of his fame.

Look for someone who is going to add value to your business. Don’t ask to be mentored just build your relationship slowly and will be okay.

By doing this you will end up with someone who understands your challenges and hence a long-term mentor.

Where to find a good business mentor.

This becomes a very essential question to anyone new to the business. Someone would tell you that connections matter… I say not really. 

I suggest you start attending meetings and functions of people in your field of business. You also may capitalize on social media and follow profiles of people within your field of interest.

You don’t leave any social medial untouched. By this I mean to get to Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, wordpress.com blogs e.t.c When you spot a potential party, do not hesitate to send a direct message or tagging him or her.

Some may charge you for mentorship while some may help build a close relationship. Whichever ways, as long as in your research you found out that he/ she will offer value then go ahead and get to work.

Final thoughts

Having the right mentor for your business or generally for your life is a good thing. The mentor will keep you to track and motivate you. 

Most people choose to work the Nicodemus way by not really being close to a mentor but rather following their steps from afar. This works yes, however, it could take you a longer time than you ever expected to see results.

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