Make $7 in 12 hours from now

I quickly crafted this post because I thought you I should not keep you from making this amount online today.

Hopefully you get it and take action to start making some good cash out of it like from now. An update will come but for now, the early bird catches the warm …


I want you to make $7 in the next 12 hours from now.

This rounds to a figure close to Ksh. 700.

That is not much but if you don’t take action you won’t make it mmh!

I only can guarantee you an out come if you take action.

Just ensure you add this email to favorites so you can not miss out on the details in here.

So let us see how this method works….

First, create a FREE account at InDigital store to download FREE quality materials.

Next, log in to your account and find an eBook called Instagram Monetization Checklist.

Download this eBook. It’s FREE & yet people out their don’t know how to earn from Instagram. You can click here to quickly get it.

Finally, Let me share this trick. it is easy.

Install Business WhatsApp on your phone and then Join as many groups as possible.

You can get the groups from facebook.

Once you have joined enough, You need to grab all those contacts and send to them a message.

The easiest way to do that is by getting this PC software.

It sells at $49 but I got a coupon for you to save more than 80% off.

You can click here to get the software at a one time discounted price of $10 using this coupon code: Blazona

Here is a quick tutorial on how the Software works. You can click here to watch video.

Now, with all your tools set up. Use the software to grab contacts from all groups joined.

And then use the same software to send each of those grabbed contacts a message. You can use my script:

“Hey, My name is [your name]. I got your number from a group we share. Would you like to know how you can make money from your Instagram account?

So active interested whatsapp users will reply back and guess what. Out of the tousands the software will have helped you to send the message to. You can’t miss 5 people to buy that book.

Do you believe?

Take action now and increase your earning potential.

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