The smart trick I use to make consistent income online

At Blazona org we share exclusive ideas which you capitalize on to make real consistent income. And so,  today I am going to share with you a trick I personally use to build a consistent income. It works with anyone from anywhere around the world.

Even if you are a kid reading this post then mmh! You wanna make good money by the time you finish reading this article. Just ensure you read it to the end and implement it as it is. Let us do this together.

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Great, let us now dive into this smart trick I use to make consistent income online.

How the trick works

I know you are eager to hear about this smart trick. Fine, I won’t keep you waiting long. I will explain briefly how it works. Remember you can implement it no matter which country you are in.

So, we will discuss affiliate marketing. Does that sound familiar? Hope so. Affiliate marketing is actually the best way anyone can make money online without capital.

You literary promote other brands and you get paid per sale or per renewal. It all depends on where you promote and what you are promoting.

To make sales online, your art of promotion also matters a lot. And that is what am going to share with you in a moment.

Get yourself a phone or computer by your side as we get started to dive into the pool of money. Just before I forget, you will get paid through Paypal, check, or direct bank transfer depending on your country of operation.

Step by step guide to getting started

Do you have your computer ready? Have you set up a stable internet connection? If yes, then give me just 10 minutes of your time – undivided attention and let us implement this opportunity.

You do not need social media accounts nor a Youtube channel with a huge following to make money if you choose to implement this post. I won’t play mean now ha haha. I got to tell you what is really paying that can really pay you.

You can always post a comment to appreciate when you make your first withdrawal. Let us get to step 1 now.

Step 1: Create a Linkedin Account

I know I said you do not need social media accounts with a huge following. But for you to work in line with step, a Linkedin account is required.

Linkedin is more of a job board, you connect with CEOs and managers from different companies. The good thing is that creating an account on Linkedin is free.

The site also got apps that you can download to use on your phone. So do that before we get to step 2. Am waiting for you to create an account on LinkedIn…..

Hope you are done… now let us proceed.

Step 2: Create an account on SlideShare dot net

slideshare is a website with over 70 million active users. hundreds of millions of people get to this site to find internet content that they can easily read or download and use.

As a Slideshare user, you will write articles and upload them in form of word doc or pdf and they will be accessed by all the users and visitors of the site.

Now imagine your article being viewed by even a fraction of the hundreds of millions landing on that site every month. In this article, I will be showing you a trick on how you can use Slideshare to make money.

Something that even the current users of Slideshare may not be doing and they are missing out on thousands of dollars daily income.

But I know you already are telling yourself that I hate writing articles – Am a lazy one! Don’t mind because I got you. Once you have created an account with Slide share using your Linkedin account. Proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Go to PLRPLR dot com

Just ensure you are following with me, no divided attention huh! Cool, now open a new tab and go to a site called (Private Label Rights)

The site allows users to get articles from it for free. All the articles are plagiarism-free so you can copy and use them anywhere the way you want.

On the site, you got articles on affiliate marketing, Adsense, advertising, etc. For the purpose of this post, we are focusing on affiliate marketing. So from the category section click on Affiliate marketing 

Now, scroll down and choose a nice article on affiliate marketing. In my case, I loved this title “The 3 Easiest Ways For Newbies To Start In Affiliate Marketing”

Open the article and then copy the whole article and paste it into a word doc. You can use google drive docs it is easier and faster to work with.

Once you have your document created, just hold it there and let us get to step 4

Step 4: Click here to create a free affiliate account

I don’t believe am sharing this trick with you! oh my, you are going to make damned good money hustle-free men! And it is a worldwide opportunity. Show Blazona some love by helping us get to 100k email subscribers.

Copy this link share it with your friends. Make them sign up for the upcoming opportunity. Isn’t that a fair deal? Nice, Now click here to create a free affiliate account. 

On sign-up, select sign-up as affiliate then fill the form with respective details. It is super simple to complete the form.

 smart trick I use to make consistent income online

Once you got your affiliate account, log in and go to the affiliate marketplace. Search for Done For You Services Affiliate Marketing or search for Crestani.

The seller of the first product will pay you $500 per single sale where as the seller of the second product will pay you $2000 per sale plus a recurring monthly payout around $247.

That is good money, right? Now click on the promote button to grab your affiliate link. Copy your affiliate link and proceed to step 5

Step 5: embed your link in the word doc

Still having your link copied in computer memory, open the word document you created in step 3 and then, at the bottom of the document type this phrase If you want a super simple way to make $1,000 a month click here: (and then paste your affiliate link)

Now, all through the article, you notice we got instances where the phrase affiliate marketing is occurring. Select the phrase, right-click on it and embed your affiliate link in all occurrences of the phrase.

Definitely out of the millions that visit the SlideShare site daily, several will click on your affiliate link and you are going to earn money.

Did you know that each time you get to the internet and click or surf the internet, someone somewhere is being paid? Stop paying others and start getting paid.

I hope you know how to embed links in a word doc, If you don’t know then you can do a google search to learn how it is done. When done, save your work and then head over back to

Now, click on the upload button, select your saved file and then select category to be internet marketing. Also, add tags to help users to find your article on Slideshare.

And the good thing about Slideshare is that they will market for you your content.

So include tags such as internet marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online, etc. once done, hit the publish button

Now each time a person views your article and clicks on the links, you are going to get paid if the person completes a purchase.

Isn’t that cool? free traffic of millions, free products to promote, and free money. Just that easy and you can start checking your email inbox for payments from Paypal.

I hope you have implemented this – Let us do this, join me in making money online and also help your friend to also start making money online. Just copy this link share it with your friends.

Our final thoughts

If you want to make money online, always act. Swing to action and implement our guides. Reading and not implementing literally means you wasted your time reading.

We all have 24hrs a day and we all choose what we can do with the time given to us daily. I just had to share with you this trick. You literally are getting started with 0 capital. And yet you you are going to make thousands.

Let us do this and see how much your monthly income turns into.

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