Make money just downloading software and apps – $7 (Ksh.700) per download

If you are just starting in search of opportunities to make money online, then Pay per download is one of the good ways to make money online without investing anything in online business.  

In this article, you get to know how you can make money with pay per download websites. 

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There are so many PPD sites on the internet; some are good; however, all are not genuine. So we have listed some of the best PPD sites for you today in this article

For making money from PPD sites or through PPD marketing, you don’t need any programming or advance online marketing skills. It can become a good source of passive income from the internet if you do it correctly.

What is pay per download websites?

PPD stands for pay per download. These are a site that pays to file owner when somebody downloads uploaded files from their platform.

You are only required to upload files to PPD sites; after that, it pays back per download.

You can upload anything that you have the copyright of — for example, photos, articles, pdf files, ebooks, applications, software, etc.; however, some websites also allow copyrighted illegal stuff.

Some of the pay per download sites are fraudulent and don’t pay back money to their uploader. So avoid working with such types of pay per download sites

In this article, you will see some of the best PPD websites for making money online.

What are the different types Of PPD websites?

There are two kinds of PPD sites. PPD with survey & PPD without survey sites.

PPD with survey offers a survey or task before download begins. Without completing the survey, it won’t allow the download.

Pay per download sites with survey pays a high amount per download. However, most users exit when they see a survey.

In PPD sites without a survey, you don’t need to complete any task; it just shows captcha and displays banner ads. Solve captcha and File ready to download. Without a survey, PPD sites pay a low amount per download.

In short, there are two types of PPD sites

  • Pay per download without survey
  • Pay per download with the survey

How pay per download websites work

PPD Marketing offers the opportunity to make money online. You can upload all your downloadables like ebooks, pdf files, software, files, or any digital product you want to distribute to your community.

First, you need to sign up for any pay per download site or pay per download network.

Then you need to upload files that you want to distribute to your traffic or community.

When your visitor visits your link, they will be directed to the PPD network from where they can download the File.

If the PPD network is survey-based pay per download, then your visitor needs to complete the survey before they can start downloading the File.

Once a visitor completes the task, he will get the download link, or the download will start automatically.

How much you can make from pay per download

Pay per download

On average, you can expect to make from somewhere around 1$ per download with survey-based PPD networks.

If you have uploaded File to Pay per download site that doesn’t offer survey before download. You can expect per download earning as low as $.02 per download

However, downloads are more with pay per download without a survey because there is no download barrier, so overall, you tend to make more even with less per download rate

Our recommendation: Up-4ever


Up-4ever is free cloud storage where you can upload any File. It’s an Arabian site for profit from uploading. It offers high rates per download. Up-4ever pays up to 7$ per 1000 download.

It offers the best rates per download. You can expect somewhere between $3 to $7 per 1,000 downloads depending on the downloader’s country.

You can upload your files like photos, music, videos, software’s or documents for making money sharing files.

Even if you don’t want to make money from downloads, still you can use this site for uploading your files and sharing them for free. It’s an easy way to share your files.

  • Minimum Payout- $1
  • Payment method- Skrill, PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer.
  • Payout time required- within 24 hours
  • Desktop uploader- Yes
  • Mobile App – yes for andriod
  • Download rates- 3-7$ depending on downloader country
  • Referral Program – 10%

→ Click here to create a free Up4ever account

Other pay per download sites

  1. File upload
  2. Dollar Upload
  4. DLUpload
  5. AdworkMedia
  6. AdscendMedia
  7. Upload-io

Our final thoughts

Pay per download is free to start and needs no investment. Anybody can start PPD marketing.

PPD marketing is the simple and quickest way to monetize your content online.

It has lots of potential online earning if done in the right way. You can make a good amount of profit by uploading and sharing files.

So if you have any useful content that you want to monetize, furthermore you have an audience that won’t mind completing the small task before unlocking content, then you can consider PPD marketing. 

To access the PPD sites listed above without a link, you can copy the same word into your browser for ease of finding. 

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