Make money using google maps. You earn $1,950 Monthly No tricks.

I want to believe that you know what google map is. Other than showing you direction to new places, did you know you can make a very steady income using the app?

You must have used the app on many occasions when visiting a relative, going to a meeting, during camping e.t.c except for making money! But why? Do you hate money?

Wait, you mean you also like money as I do? That is great – I knew that because you are reading this article. Just keep reading for knowledge is not only power but also profit!

Here at Blazona org, we share exclusive ideas that top marketers are selling at an overpriced cost for free. It is because of the love we got for you. So today I will explain to you how you can make money using google maps.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity. To do this proceed as follows:

Great, let us now dive into this smart Idea that gurus are using to make money using google maps. and they are not telling you. Listen, bookmark this post so that you refer to it from time to time and master the whole idea.

How does this opportunity work?

I like giving a cool pre-amble on how what am about to share works. This is to help you understand that really what we share here pays.

All you need to do is to understand the logic behind it all and capitalize on the same to start making money online like a millionaire.

Normally most gurus would tell you to sell a skill but in this post, you don’t have to own any skill. Maybe to negotiate the price of deals – not really!

Let me explain this. All you need is to get the Google Maps app installed on your computer or mobile phone. And also get the Facebook pixels extension added to your browser. You then will use the Google maps app to search for local businesses and companies. Of course, you target profitable niches such as dentistry.

Now from the search results, you get in your google map search, click on any of the results to see business details. You then will open the website of the business, then with the help of the Facebook pixels extension, check whether or not the website is running Facebook ads. If the site has no Facebook pixel on it, it means they are not running Facebook ads and there is where you come in.

Get back to google maps, get their contact details and reach to them saying “Hey guys, I can help you  double your clients using Facebook.” Does that make sense? Do you see you will be making money using the google maps app? If you agree with me let us now do a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can get started.

Step by step guide to getting started Using Google Maps to make money online

Let us put this clear first, this opportunity may or may not make you rich but it will build up wealth for you. Just like any other business in your locality, you need to build a great customer base online.

Of course, it isn’t a big deal to get customers. But it is always a big deal to keep customers and get more always. This supplementary course can really help you up. It is worthy of the investment.

Success is all about working, the better the service you deliver, the more clients will come your way. And guess what, you won’t have to work to keep them. I will be telling you what to do and still earn shortly. But I know you are also asking yourself this, “in my locality I just got barbershops and kiosks. Do they also need online customers on Facebook?” Definitely yes.

And you are most advantaged because am informing you about this when they know nothing about running Facebook ads. You will get an opportunity to easily educate them, and make them know the value of using Facebook to double their sales.

Also, if you are reading this post and unfortunately you know nothing about Facebook ads, I will help you out. Just keep reading.

Are you ready for step No. 1? I hope so, Now let us dive into this paying stuff! You are going to start making money online woow! Show us some love if you are reading value here and copy this link make a few of your friends sign up so we add up our subscribers to 100k+

Step 1: Set up your payment method

First things first, you are going to make money and so you want to set up a way through which you will receive payments. 

Diving into an online business, you may choose to receive payments from PayPal, Skrill, Mpesa (if in east Africa), NetTeller, etc. Once you have identified a method for you to receive payment, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Download and install google chrome or edge browser

Now for the right setup. You will need to install the google chrome browser onto your computer. If you already have one then skip to, step number 3. Otherwise, get to google and download the chrome browser, edge, or safari. They are free.

You also can do a quick search on how to install chrome in case you are finding difficulty in doing it. 


Step 3: Download Pixels from chrome web-store

Once you have your chrome browser installed. Open it and then in the browser search bar type Chrome Webstore

Open the first option from the search results.

Now from the chrome web store window that opens, search for Facebook pixels helper

From the results that appear, click on the button named Add to chrome  (First result option) and then confirm by clicking on Add extension (It is free to do this and takes just seconds)


Step 4:Open google maps

Now still in your chrome browser, open a new tab and search for google maps. Open the first option in the list of search results and then normally you will see your location having the red pin.

So what you need to do is to find businesses within your locality. Now, just a point to note. Not all of those businesses may work for you. I would recommend you go for businesses that will make money for you such as dentists, Auto repair shops, Online shopping malls, and a Chiropractor.

Now, in the Google Maps window search for the profitable businesses named above and see how much money you have been missing out hahaha! Oh yes. each of those facilities on the map search results is real withdrawable money you can make now.

Make money using google maps

Let me take you through even further on how you will make money using google maps…

Now those health locations offering dentistry services within Nairobi in the kilimani area are just free money you are staring at…. Let me tell you these secrets so you can help us grow to 100K. subscribers. Is that a fair deal? If yes, copy this link make a few of your friends sign up so we add up our subscribers to 100k.

So this is what we want to do. Click on any of those locations (Circled red in the above image) to see the details of the particular business. And then, open their website – you notice their contact details are also available.

Now, once you have opened their website, you want to see whether or not they are running Facebook ads at the moment. Therefore, once you have the business website opened, click on the Facebook pixel helper extension (top right of the browser, see image below) to find out if they have Facebook pixels installed…  See what I got for this website below



No pixels found!! how on earth can in this generation where even the sick can scroll a whole mile in a day on Facebook. How then can a serious business miss to run ads on Facebook?

But, no problem. Here is where you come in to make money because they don’t know how to do it and am now training you how you can do it hahaha! Are you finding some value here? Let us get to step 5.

Step 5: Contact this business

You see the business is losing out a lot of money for not running ads on Facebook – they just don’t know. And now you want to strike a deal with them right? Facebook gets over 1billion unique visitors monthly. This is a great audience to advertise to.

So using google maps, the business put their contact details right there. Yours is to contact them now. send them an email or just call them. Don’t let money come for you before you make your own piping system to bring the money to your bedroom while asleep. Go get it first. Is that right?

You must be already thinking about how you can start a negotiation right? That isn’t supposed to be a big deal for you. There are experts who can do that for you. All you need to do is contact the business and let them know that you can help them to double their clients if they accept you to promote them on Facebook.

I got a script that you can copy and paste, edit and use for your cold email or message. You also may call. In fact calling is one of the best methods ever to use to win a business contract. See the script below:

My name is [Your Name] and I wanted to know if you would like to double the number of customers in your business in the next 30 days. And the best thing is this you don’t have to pay me a dime until I actually deliver results. And even though that sounds perfect, I’m sure you have a few questions. Like. Who am I and how is this possible?

Well again my name is [Your Name] and I work for a very successful Facebook ad agency known as B-Viral. The company helps businesses like yours flood the doors with customers using Facebook advertisements. Again this doesn’t cost you any money until you see undeniable results. All I need is a few details and I can start running traffic to your website immediately and attracting paying customers to your business. Could we schedule a meeting to discuss this in detail?


Your name

Does the above sound cool? Am so happy for you that you are going to make money with this freely shared knowledge worthy $$$$$$$. Anyway, let’s see what you should do next in step 6

Step 6: Get an expert to run the ads

I said at first that you do not need any skill to make money using google Maps. True. However, you need advertising skills to run successful Facebook ads.

Remember in the above template you are committing to the client that they won’t pay until they see undeniable results. This is a good way to win clients that are just yet to build confidence in your services. And so, you need an expert to do this for you to win their trust. 


Once you have a client willing to schedule a meeting with you. All you got to do is to partner with my team and me by clicking here and chat with one of us at B-Viral.  You will be added to our team for FREE. We then will schedule a meeting with you and the client.

Our team shall do the negotiation and we will run the ads for the business and manage their account on your behalf. You then will make 65% of the sale made each time the client makes an order. Isn’t that an easy task?.

You brought us the client so we do everything for you as a boss. Does that make sense? The whole process is Free yet you still get paid 65% on every client order that closes in.

For example, you get one client in a month who during our meeting delivers a contract worth a $10,000 dollars monthly ads budget. He then pays the whole team 30% of the whole budget. That makes it $3,000 dollars. From this, you make 65% as we keep 35%. Meaning in this case you pocket $1,950 dollars, Free money monthly. 

Again, if you got a client and want us to keep paying you each time the client requests an order, then Click here

I bet you would love to work where you are treated as a partner with full transparency whether or not you are skilled running Facebook ads. Click here and let us get to work. 

What do you think? Can you do this? I know you can. Only that you are complaining deep inside you saying “It will be much easier if  I had attached a video to it” Let us sort this together.

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Once we get to 100K we will hire more content creators and guess what, each article will come with an independent video explainer. Isn’t that cool? We can do this. Let us help you to increase your online earning potential.

Our final thoughts

This is how you can make money using google maps. This is a safe secret you can take and run with. The market is not saturated, however, it is a job like any other. It requires some effort and determination.

I believe you can, and I hope this smart idea helps to source good revenue online for you. You also may want to spice it up with this done-for-you money-making machine to help you build your financial freedom.

Click here to get your super money-making machine. It is free to start.

Finally, click here and let us chat our way to Paypal. We wish you all the best.

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