Make money online using google drive – $500 free money

Google Drive is an online file storage service from Google. It is just like your flash disk or memory card only that this one is online. But other than just storing files in google drive, did you know you can make Free money using the service?

In this post, I will explain all you need to know to start making money online using google drive. Such are exclusive secrets, great valued content that top marketers are selling but Blazona Org is here to help you guys.

Just ensure you read through to the end – no skipping! is that right? Now let us get started.

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Great, let us now dive into this exclusive idea that you can use to start making money online by simply using google drive. Let us see how it works in a summary

How the opportunity works

Many people want to make money online – more so working with amazon. We once shared opportunities at Amazon which you can check out by clicking here.

So in this case you will work for amazon online but you won’t sell anything on amazon, neither will you be promoting anything from amazon. Does that sound like am contradicting myself? Just relax and keep reading.

You will be helping people who want to sell or promote amazon products to sell more. And whenever they make sales, you also earn. You will earn from the hard-earned commissions of your trainees.

All you will need to do is to get a FREE ebook. Upload it to your google drive and share the google drive link online. That simple, you even do not have to be an expert to do this.

People will download the free eBook. learn how to easily make money from amazon and boom. You make money once they start taking action. Does that make sense?

You literally can make $500 per day. Wait, it’s good to let you know this. Helping people within your country is fine.  But guess what. People in western countries have a lot of money. If you can expand your audience to the west – money is calling.

I will be sharing a trick in a while. let us get to step by step guide to help you to do this the right way.

Step by step guide to making money online using google drive

Without taking much of your time, I want us to visit a few sites as we do always in a systematic form. Just keep reading to get the whole content correctly. It is easy to do it and you can do it. Even a kid can do this.

let’s get started…

Step 1: Create an affiliate account with Splitly

By the way, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. You just need the right market to advertise. I will tell you shortly what you can do.

First, Splitly is a website that helps both Amazon affiliates and sellers to make sales easily and make money online.

The sites have helped thousands of sellers to make successful sells and in the past few months, they have managed to help make sales worth millions of dollars. Thanks to the splitly optimization program.

Let me reserve much explanation because you even do not need to know that to make money online using this smart method. Once you get to create an affiliate account by scrolling at the bottom of the site and click on affiliate.

In your affiliate dashboard, you will get an affiliate link. Copy that link because that link will make good money for you.

IAs the site puts it, you make 100% of the first month. see the pricing below of what you can make if you implement this guide.

Now, sharing your link as naked as it is won’t just work. That is wasting your time. This is what you should do. see the next step.

Step 2. Download the best seller genie e-Book for free

Once you have your affiliate link, next you need to promote the link. But you need to do it like a pro. You need to do it in a form that depicts value. You want to make people have a reason to open your link and really make a purchase.

This is super easy, let me show you what you will be doing exactly. Get to your browser and search for a site called free PLR

This is a site that has free professional eBooks that you can download, edit and re-use as you want. In fact, most blogs get these free ready-made eBooks and give them away as if they are their own. This is a secret am sharing with you.

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Now, once you have opened the website. You don’t even need to create an account. Hover on the left side of the home page and click on amazon as shown in the image below.

A new page will appear with an eBook called Free PLR – Amazon Best Seller Genie. Click on it to open the download page. Next scroll down to find the download button. Click on it to download the free eBook.

Once your download is complete, next you will need to edit the ebook so that you can add your affiliate link to it. You will use free online software to do this. And the process is super easy. See next step

Step 3: Edit your downloaded eB

First, get to a site called Free PDF Escape and then click on the red button named FREE ONLINE. Go through the way steps to upload the downloaded ebook.

Next, after you have uploaded the PDF eBook file. Below each page, you will need to add a call to action text and link the text as shown below.

Using the controls on the left side:

  • First, click on the text icon.
  • Type the phrase as given in the image above.
  • Next, click on Link and then copy and paste your affiliate link. The one you created in step 1.
  • Now drag the rectangular placeholders to enclose the text you just typed as you can see above.
  • Repeat the above steps to add your affiliate link below each of the pages in the eBook.
  • Finally, click the green icon to save and download your new eBook as shown below (Pro marketing tool)
make money online using google drive

And just like that, you will have saved your handbook to your computer. The process is free and super easy. The truth is that most of the people who are trying to make money online from amazon, most of them really don’t make it to success.

Only about 3% excell and so, if you can share such a powerful eBook for free, people are going to love it. And that means money for you. 

Next step, you need to upload your eBook to google drive and grab the google drive link to the eBook. And share the google drive link online.

Now imagine, if you gave that eBook to as many people as possible and then, just one of them clicked on your link and purchased the Enterprise package?

You make $500 in a day doing nothing just copying and pasting the link to your eBook that has got your affiliate link. That is crazy what do you think?

Now the biggest question comes, where do you get traffic? That is super easy. see next step.

Step 4: Promote your google drive eBook link

To successfully share your book. Maximize the free audience on social media. You want to target people interested in amazon and so. This is my favorite method. Go to and search for amazon 

Amazon already has ready people to whom you can hand over your eBook link. As said earlier, most of the people trying to make money online working for amazon are not succeeding.

And the ebook we redesigned in step 3 above ”wanna be a savior.” Does that make some sense? Click here to join our email list if you can find some value in this post.

Join all the amazon groups and once you are in, Publish a post such as ….. which one? okay, you can copy the script below:

HERE IS A FREE EBOOK TO HELP YOU MAKE MONEY ONLINE QUICK IF YOU TAKE ACTION (paste the link to your google drive eBook here)

You also can search for Amazon FBA and join all the groups. This is super easy guys, I even don’t know why you be like I can’t find a legit money-making opportunity online. Here is a legit way, it’s super easy. 

A little effort and boom, money will start flowing in. You can do this. THIS METHOD WORKS. You can shorten your google drive link using BitLy just in case you find your link to be long. 

Our final thoughts

This is how you can make money online by downloading, uploading, and sharing an eBook. That is super easy huh! 

Get started, take action and implement this post right now! 

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I wish you all the best in your journey to making money online. 

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