Make money on new website taking simple tests $10 per test

People are using this new site to make a bunch of money online by taking simple tests. They use either their smartphones or computers to take tests and makeup to $10 per test. This is closely equivalent to Ksh. 1,000.

Now, depending on the device you got with you now. Get it ready and let us do this together. I want you to start making money online. 

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity. To do this proceed as follows:

Great, let us now dive into this exclusive idea that you can use to start making money online by taking simple tests.

How the opportunity works

The new website is more of a survey site. However, you won’t be taking quick surveys such as those you get in other survey apps. With this, you will be taking surveys in form of tests based on your past life experience or professionalism.

During sign-up, you will need to specify the industry you got vast knowledge of or experience. You also will state your annual income and social media following. 

Thereafter, you will take some time answering random questions within the industry of your choice as you earn points. 

As you earn points and unlock levels, the website will determine what are the tests that best suits you. You then will make between $10 – $60 Per test. Does that make sense? 

Now, let us do this step-by-step. 

Step by step guide to making money online taking simple tests

I like it when I break the whole process into steps so that you can easily understand and start making money online. Let us get to our first step right away.

Step 1: Create an account on

As said earlier, this is a new website however it got a good user review. meaning it really is paying its users.

The account creation process is more of a questionnaire. I will take screenshots to help you create your account correctly so that you can be approved.

You don’t want to wrongly complete the signup questionnaire and miss out on this opportunity. 


confirm your email



Start survey (Enter your full names)


Accept the challenge

Next, continue the challenge by clicking on the green button. Enter your active paypal email. Select the language you are proficient at and mark any of them as your first language. Next enter your phone number and select the country in which you live. (Don’t mind this is global) now mark this part as yes

Select education level as college. Just do what I tell you to do so that you get accepted into this job. I know you could be saying that oh, but am lying…. Shut up! You are just modeling success who said you are lying?

select a job. If I were you I would add like 3 to 5 job specifications. (You want more tests meaning you want more money is it not so? so let us do this)

Next, define the skills you have. You also can add several before clicking on the continue button

Now set your annual income in figures. I want you to type $100,000. don’t do anything below that okay. Also don’t do anything above that.

Next set your hobbies. You also can add more hobies. This will increase the diversity of tests you will receive hence more money. ok? Next set your proficiency to advanced as shown in the screenshot below.

And then once you click on finish you will meet this…. congratulations!

Now, when you click on the Take me to my dashboard button. You be met with polls which you ought to take. Do not skip any because they will determine the kind of tests you will receive.

That is it now. But then I know you could be saying that this work could be tiring and quite boring at some point. 

I got a secret for you. let us do that in step 2 right?

Step 2: Hire a dummy to take the polls for you

Yeah sure, you can get some kids from fiver and tell them not to stop until you get your first test. Here is quick link to Fiverr. Was that not an easy one? That is it for today.

Our final thoughts

This opportunity won’t make you a millionaire. However you could make a few bucks (Ksh. 10,000 per month) that may keep you fending for your needs.

We hope you make some income out of this opportunity. All the best wishes.

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