How to Make Money Online Posting on Social Media Ksh. 200 ($2) per post.

If you are reading this and you are from Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania then be rest assured that this is an opportunity for you to make money online posting on social media. You get paid through MPesa or Bank.

In this post, I will be presenting to you a platform that will pay you for having engaging followers on your social media account i.e Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You make from Ksh 200 ($2) per single social media post.

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Already done that? nice, let’s get started.

Which site is paying for social media posts?

I definitely had to first answer this one before I even explained any other point. I believe you also have a social media account and you really want to know how you can make money from the daily posts you make to your social media accounts.

For sure, you don’t want to continue spending your data balance on online stuff that doesn’t make money for you in these hard economic times. I really love searching the internet. I spend hours daily browsing, reading, watching, and trying out new opportunities. 

It was out of this that I recently bumped into a lucrative android app called Wowzi. 

Does the name sound familiar? Possibly no. This is because Wowzi is a new brand almost three years old in the market as of the time of writing this article. I just learned that this app could pay me at least Ksh. 200 per every post I made to my social media account. 

Hold it here, let me explain how Wowzi works….

How does Wowzi work?

Wowzi is a registered lead generation (Advertisement) company in Kenya. It works as an intermediary between companies/ brands and influencers. We all know that every business and company is looking for new clients every day. The problem is where to find those clients.

Most companies opt for paid advertising such as Facebook and  Google ads. However, this at times just doesn’t work. At times companies spend money just because they have an annual advertising budget.

Also, recently companies are focusing their promotions on social media. Some are even employing Social media account managers and other staff to help them spread the word to the online users. But this isn’t just enough. Consumers just don’t want to see general ads, they want recommendations from people they know!

And this is the first point where Wowzi comes in… It links brands to people who can recommend their products to their relatives and friend circles.

The second point Wowzi is acting very handy is connecting you to top-paying brands you least expected to ever qualify to work for. You could attest to me that you could be having a social media account with hundreds of followers but you still don’t make money from it.

Wowzi gets ad requests from advertisers who give specifications on what they want to be promoted, how and on which platform. Wowzi will assign available influencers the task to run promotions on respective social media accounts in form of making a short post with an image attachment or link. Each influencer will get paid for every task he/ she completes.

Requirements to Join Wowzi and earn

When I first bumped into this app I thought it was yet another scam. So I gave it a shot. Actually, I personally don’t take seriously any opportunity that presents itself and its first requirement is that I pay a fee to start working – Unless it a regulated investment firm or Forex trading. I don’t give a damn.

No hard feelings on this, that is me and we are different ha ha ha… 

Anyway, so I took an inner pic of Wowzi and what I learned was so pleasing. Sign-up is absolutely free. You just receive advertising job contracts based on how influential you are on social media. 

I also learned that Wowzi has various levels for every new signing-up influencer. You are put to a level based on your influence and actually, even a beginner in the whole thing can still make money on Wowzi.

Something I can guarantee you is that since Wowzi is quite young in the market, It is the best time for you to create an account today and earn money online doing company adverts online.

Why you should join Wowzi now

I have been in online business for some time and I know how it feels when someone is asking you to join a platform early because it’s new.

There are two things associated with that quest. one, the site may collapse in the long run, and two, the site will make you quick money and will scam those that will join later. 

However, on the contrary, that is not the point when I mentioned the phrase in regard to Wowzi. As of writing this post I did a google search of the word Wowzi and learned that there very few blogs that had written articles on it.

Same with youtube, I could only find one video from a vlogger and a few others from the company website.

That is means, if you happen to join now, you have great chances of landing jobs from top companies such as Safaricom, K-Gas, Microsoft, etc. This is because the app has got top brands making orders but influencers are few.

By you being among the few, you definitely can’t miss a job at least daily.

Getting started with Wowzi

To get started working with Wowzi, You will need a smartphone and an active social media account. You then can choose a platform you are most comfortable using between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Now get to your android play store and search for Wowzi

Download the app and install it. After you have installed the app, Open it and then follow the simple step-by-step tour to create your account. You can use this video from the company website to help you in setting up your account.

You also will need to undergo personal verification to confirm your identity. Just submit the required documents to complete your application process. 

Mode of payment: Working with Wowzi, you will receive payments either via MPesa or bank of your choice. You are provided with the ability to make a choice of the mode of payment while setting up your account. 

Final thoughts

Wowzi works like maxbounty only that this one gives you an opportunity to promote companies trading in East Africa. This is one of the best opportunities you shouldn’t let go of procrastinating. In fact, at this point I want you to do the following things now:

  1. Tap the bell icon on the bottom right of this page and confirm the action.
  2. Share this post with a friend or two on social media by tapping on the social media buttons on this page.
  3. Close this browser and open your play store and search for Wowzi 

Are you done? great, I wish you a happy earning experience as you advertise and earn.

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