High paying apps in 2021- Best for work from home

If you are reading this post by chance of stumbling on it over the internet or by whichever means, It is obvious that you are looking for a convenient way to make money online while you are on the go – we do resemble.

Just before I made this list of high-paying apps, I really had to comb the internet.

Just before I continue, we are hiring once we hit 100k subscribers. You could be our next colleague. This is what you should do:

Now, the search for paying apps started way back in 2015 as I passionately was looking for something that would make me money in my free time.

As a youth from college, it was a priority, and still, it is to me to not only save money wherever I can but to always be on the lookout for new ways to earn some extra cash.

One of the easiest methods that I’ve found is by using free apps that I can download right to my phone. Not only are they fast and easy, but they’re also extremely convenient because (like with most people today) my phone is always in my possession.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and through trial and error, I’ve personally discovered which options are the most user-friendly, which are the easiest to use, and the high paying apps to.

Thanks to my colleagues at Blazona who have helped make the list even longer.

You obviously will notice that for sure two are better than one. Let me not take much of your time because I know you really are in need of these tested apps. Let us get started.

Which are the High paying apps in 2021?

Below are the top picks we have used and really think you equally should use and make yourself an extra coin. The apps range from trading forex, marketing, cashback, surveys, and more.

Just take your time and read through the whole list to pick what best fits you. I personally have used most of them before and they really pay, why not also give them a shot.

Let us dive into the list …

1. Olymptrade app

high paying aps olymptrade

Olymptrade mobile app is actually my favorite on the whole list. The app brings a forex trading platform right into your palm. You can trade anywhere any time on your mobile device and still make unlimited money.

First, you need to create an account with the broker and then, make a minimum deposit of $10 with the forex broker to download the app, start trading and earn.

You get paid through the same medium you use to deposit your funds and so for convenience, I recommend you get yourself a free account from skrill by clicking here.

If you are new in matters of forex trading, then read this Forex trade101 – All you need to know before you start trading forex article to help you.

→ Click here to create your free Olymptrade account ←

2. Whatso App

high paying apps whatso

I do not like playing the white hat magic when it comes to work, but this particular app took my attention. In fact, we use it at Blazona for doing our WhatsApp broadcast.

This one is not a mobile app but rather a desktop-only app. It only supports Windows operating system.

It is used to send WhatsApp messages in bulk to any contacts you add to it from an excel file. You also can join as many WhatsApp groups as you want then make the app to grab all the contacts from those groups and send to them all a message.

It is such a handy app if you are selling or advertising. It will help you in getting traffic by grabbing WhatsApp contacts and delivering a message to them directly to their inbox – more traffic, more money for you.

The app goes at a $49 one-time price, but we got a great deal for our readers. You could save up to 82% off this price if you get the app today.

→ Click here to see our Whatso App deal ←

3. FXPesa App

FXPesa app

FXPesa is my other favorite forex trading app. It is the exact look-alike to the FXPesa web trading software.  One thing I like about this app is customer support.

Don’t be shocked to receive a call to tutor you through the app after you make an application.

Being a Kenyan-based firm, I noticed they support local mobile money transfer services. This is of great convenience if you are trading forex from Kenya.

They offer as low as $5 starting minimum deposit but you can make as many profits as you can. Just like any other forex broker, your payment will be sent to you using the same mode of payment you used to make deposits.

See the reasons why we recommend you create a skrill account when trading forex.

You also need to create an account with them before you can download their app, deposit funds, start trading, and make money.

→ Click here to create your free FxPesa account ←

4. WordPress app

wordpress app

I used this app some years back; by this, I do not mean that it is obsolete. The app still rocks. I just stopped using it because I switched to a self-hosted WordPress. But wait, it seems I jumped ahead of myself huh!

Just a moment I explain myself…

First, the WordPress app is used by bloggers who find it quite a challenge accessing their laptops yet they ought to have an article written.

Also, if you are passionate about writing, you can download the app and start writing the heck out of you! Then you can monetize your blog content.

However, please note that since this app is run by wordpress.com, your ability to monetize your content will be limited to a very high level.

We recommend getting yourself a self-hosted blog by wordpress.org. Many beginners get confused between the two options hence wasting time.

We also got an article on how to start a successful blogging career – all you need to know! It really will help jumpstart your blogging passion.

5. J-Force App

Jforce app

I just could not miss mentioning this one to the list weuh! I used the app during the 2019 Jumia black Friday and made myself a whooping 5k in less than a month.

That isn’t much money but where on earth do you even pick a coin in this economy. Everyone seems very careful with their money not even to drop a cent on the streets hahaha!

This app is most convenient to those in countries that JUMIA operates. It is an online sales consultancy and cashback scheme in which you will get a commission cashback on every order you make from JUMIA.

I used the app to help friends and relatives make orders from JUMIA. And so, I received cashback from all their orders. Payments were sent to my account the following month around date 11.

Joining the JForce community is Free as of now, all you need to do is to apply and get ready to promote and sell JUMIA products to your clients using the app.

NB: The JForce app is not available on the play store nor apple store. You only get it on the web (chrome) after creating an account. It is also good to note that JUMIA uses different links based on the country of operation.

Therefore, to get the app just do a quick google search of the word JForce or Jumia force

6. Viusasa App

Viusasa app

I won’t lie, I haven’t tried out this one myself but colleagues have.  It is a Kenyan-based app that brings entertainment right into your palm.

If you are a gifted artist ranging from musician, comedian, DJ, or anything you may know that is entertaining or it does showcase your talent. Then you can record yourself in action and submit the recording to the Viusasa team for review.

If your content is approved and monetized, then you can share the large traffic that Viusasa boasts and that means money. Do you think you are talented? get your wheels ready …

→ Click here to join the Viusasa content publishers ←

7. iPSOS App

ipsos survey app

If you are a fan of taking surveys, then I think you should make iPSOS a priority. The global survey firms operates a website called i-say which allows users to take surveys and gives them ewards based on points they have accumulated.

Please check out more information from their website

→ Click here to sign up for Ipsos ← 

8. Triaba App

Triaba app

Triaba is yet just another survey app that we found out to be a perfect one for anyone having free time that can be engaged in an exchange for money.

The app pays up to $5 per completed survey.  Doesn’t that sound tasty? Definitely, it is, You don’t need any professionalism to engage this app. Y

ou also will not need initial capital except for your time, internet, and mobile phone.

→ Click here to get to Triaba ←

9. Chipper cash App

chipper cash app

This is a money transfer service used within Africa.  Its users enjoy convenient Free cash transfers across country borders within Africa. It boasts over 1M userbase – this could tell of how loved it is.

However, a few individuals complain about their way of verifying accounts. I got no problem with that actually.

It is one of the best methods. Think of you going to your local bank to apply for an account. All these documents will be taken.

The difference is just that Chipper cash is an online ‘Bank’ that will pay you to send money or receive money – but you must verify your identity first to receive your payments.

Am not kidding, if you create an account today on this app, then you make a transaction through it, you will receive cashback. And also, if you invite a friend to join the app and also transact with the app you will be paid.

Does that sound fun. get the app now

More high paying apps you would like to check out

11. Survey junkie App

When I first heard about it, I had the same thoughts. There are a lot of survey companies out there and some of them aren’t worth your time. Others are.

If you’re like me, I bet the name threw you off.

But when I dug a little deeper, I learned that Survey Junkie was part of an organization that was much bigger. And they are worth a closer look.

12. Swagbucks App

Swagbucks is a website where you can make money for various tasks and is 100% free to join and use. Some activities require you to make a purchase, but Swagbucks never requires you to spend money to remain a member.

Most tasks take 10 minutes or less to complete and don’t require a special skill. You can also redeem your rewards for gift cards as small as $1 for frequent payment.

You only need a valid email address or Facebook account to register.

13. ipoll App

iPoll is a legitimate way to earn extra money. With sufficient time and effort, you can earn up to $50 a month. Additionally, you can earn money testing products, which adds variety compared to many survey sites.

14. Vindale Research App

Vindale Research collects data for companies and brands from individuals like you and me. This data helps businesses better their product or service offers, and get glimpses of what may or may not succeed on the market.

Vindale surveys can range from financial to health to personal shopping habits and so much more.

If you sign up for Vindale Research and get approved to participate in Vindale studies, you can help companies further their knowledge on the consumer level and earn money for your time.

15. Risiti App

Risti is an app where shoppers upload receipts and get instant rewards on various campaigns. The app works almost similar to the previously discussed Vindale Research app only that Risiti requires you to be shopping and sending to them your receipts.

16. Sweat coin App

Sweatcoin is a free smartphone app that converts your outdoor steps into ‘sweat coins using a two-part, step-verification algorithm:

Part One: The Sweatcoin App counts your steps using your phone’s built-in pedometer.

Part Two: To ensure you’re not sitting on the couch shaking your phone to earn free money, the app collates your step-count with your geolocation to verify that you are outdoors and moving.

If your steps are authentic, then every 1,000 steps you take will earn you .95 sweatcoins. Save up your coins and spend them in the SweatCoin Marketplace in exchange for Amazon and PayPal vouchers and hundreds of other products.

17. Foam App

The Foap app is used by two groups of people, with one being people like you who are looking to become a professional photographer and earn some money with the pictures or videos you’ve taken.

The other group is people, businesses, and agencies, who are looking for photos and videos that they can use for their campaigns or advertisements.

You make money on Foap by uploading photos and videos you have taken using your smartphone and selling them.

18. Jiji App

Jiji formerly OLX is a platform that allows its users to sell old stuff though in good condition that they find to be of no use to them.

You can download the app and upload that old household stuff, tech gadgets, or anything you feel you want to dispose of in exchange for money.

Jiji will connect you to potential buyers at no cost. Get the app and try out the business, it pays.

19. Slide Joy App

Slidejoy is a lock screen app that pays you for displaying content on your phone’s lock screen.

The app has been featured by well-known media outlets. Now, this app is only available to Android users, unfortunately for iOS users.

Slidejoy app shows you the latest trending news and personalized ads on the lock screen of your phone. And you get paid in return for displaying this content.

20. TV-Two App

If you like to watch videos and other content, the TV-TWO App can provide you with a large range of entertainment options.

Not only that but it is also designed to give you rewards as you make use of media in different genres.

21. Earny App

Primarily, the Earny app works by connecting to your email inbox, where you get most of the receipts and notification emails about your purchases.

Using that information, the app monitors all the purchases you made and for what price. This way, when the price drops within your price protection period, you can claim your money.

22. Gig walk App

It allows people a way to find reliable people in their area to perform small jobs. Companies post gigs and Gigwalkers access these gigs from the app. The platform’s mobile technology allows companies to see and track progress in real-time.

This technology allows companies to hire people from many locations. And enables them to get jobs completed in record time. There’s no need for companies to have to deal with paperwork or taxes/payroll with Gigwalk.

23. BookScouter App

Did you know that you could turn your textbooks into cash? If you are a student or recent graduate and have old textbooks you want to get rid of, then you can sell them via the BookScouter app to make some cool cash.

Do not let your old textbooks collect dust on your shelves. Instead, sell them online via this app to make some money.

24. Cointiply App

Cointiply offers various ways to earn small amounts of money doing things like completing surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, and even just chatting on the site.

As you complete tasks, you’ll earn coins that can later be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

Our final thoughts

We spend some valuable time testing and affirming whether or not these apps can make you money. Well, they did pay and we hope that you also find satisfaction in them.

Our top 5 apps Include Olymptrade which is our best pick app overall, it pays and is worth your time and just a small investment to get started.

Whatso Is yet another perfect app for you if you want to do WhatsApp marketing. You get a simplified marketing experience.

FXPesa is another one just like Olymptrade, Just a slight learning curve, and money will start flowing into your account.

JForce came number four on the list. It is because it isn’t global, but if it were maybe it could have ranked at a higher number.

If you ever dreamt of owning an online store and you do not have stock, then this is your app. Once approved, everything on JUMIA is yours to sell and earn. 

WordPress; how I wish this one ranked No.1! but still, number five out of 20+ isn’t bad. It ranked last in the top five because it is more of a long-term investment than an instant-paying job.

The app pays, but it needs enough of your time, writing, and marketing efforts before you start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

All the mentioned apps pay through Paypal, Skrill, or direct bank transfer. A few may pay through a mobile money transfer.

We however find skrill to be more convenient. We got an article here to explain why we prefer Skrill to other money transfer services.

Please note

This post is not the ultimate recommendation for you to initiate transactions with any of the apps mentioned above.

You may seek a personal financial advisor or do a personal choice on whether or not you can transact with any of the apps mentioned above.

We suggest you use the app name provided to do a web search to get the app in case we did not provide a direct link to the app. Alternatively, use the website of the app to get the app.

This post will be updated regularly to ensure that you get fresh content anytime always.

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