Make revenue online for shortening links – Up to $14 per link shortened

At one point have you ever wanted to share a link and found it to be too long to share? Or have you ever thought of concealing the main link in form of another link?

Whichever scenario you found yourself that made you think of making a link shorter – this post will help you to make money out of your shortened link.

We got popular link shorteners such as bitly. However, from them, you never make a coin out of the shortened link. Just before I take you through the process.

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I Love you coz I know you did just that… right? now let me show to you the love by sharing with you an online opportunity to make money online.

I like being open and straightforward in what I share with you because Blazona was made to deliver what is legit. We do not do scam posts but rather real online opportunities.

This form of opportunity in which you get paid for shortening links may or may not work for you. However, in this post, I will help you with the tricks I employ to make money out of shortening links.

How does this opportunity work?


As earlier explained, at some point you feel like you should have a shorter link than the main link yet still when clicked, the short link should take you back to the content of the main link.

Most sites today support automatic link shortening. as in, when you post a link to the site, the link is automatically shortened. However, there are sites that also are dedicated to shortening links. A popular example is Bitly.

You copy a link such as this one: htttp:/  and then paste it in the website then click on shorten button and then you will have a link such as this one:

The new link looks shorter and kind of more pretty. You can share it with your audience and when clicked, the link first opens an advertisement. The viewer can then view the advertisement just before they can access the content. You then will earn from the link clicks.

How much can you make from shortening links?

The much you can make shortening links vary from one service provider to the other. Also, results vary based on personal efforts and how smart you are at getting your link clicked.

I will be sharing some ways you can use to maximize your income using this opportunity. Just keep reading on. However, you can make between $2 to $14 per 1,000 clicks you get on your shortened link

Trick to get more clicks on your link

You must have almost given up when you saw 1,000 clicks. Get the clicks isn’t any hard if you play safe and true. As a beginner, I always recommend that you start building up followers for yourself, and getting a personal blog will really help you. 

However, if you are low on budget. You still can earn from these services minus having a personal blog. This is what you can do to get paid for shortening links:

  1. Get popular content, copy its link and shorten it.
  2. Get the shortened link and share it to forums with topics related to the  popular content.
  3. Always attatch a caption to your shortened link so that the readers can find a reason why they should click on the shortened link.

Website forums such as PC Gamer forum and H-Educate Forums can help popularise your shortened link. Most of these sites supporting Q&A forums get millions of visitors daily.

If you post helpful content and ask your readers to click your shortened link within the content to read more or watch a video. Then you can be certain of getting a good number of visitors to click on your shortened URL. 

Do you think you can try out this opportunity? Let us now see some of the high paying link shortening websites.

High paying link shortening websites

We got hundreds of these sites out there. You however do not want to fall for scams where you will promote and never get paid. 

From experience, we put together three top paying link shortening websites. You can click on any of the names below to create a free account with any of the three listed below. Start shortening links and share them with friends to make even more money.

  1. AdPay link
  2. Smoner

Note: The above platforms support payout through paypal and skrill. You receive your payments once you hit the payout threshold of $5

We will frequently update this post as we get more cool sites that really pay out just shortening links.

Our final thoughts

To get paid for shortening links is super easy, at the same time it could be tedious. You however need to know that online money is worked for and not just given. 

In the article on how you can make money watching youtube videos, I explained a smart way for you to make free money by using Adpaylink.

we all begin from somewhere and grow. If you want to make lots of money that is consistent then I recommend you start a blog or get started learning to trade forex now. 

Link shortening could pay you a good lumpsum once or it may give you just a few bucks. But it all depends with you, I love sharing what I do to make money online and there you go now. You also can get paid for shortening links using the above shared platforms.

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