Earn money online today just copying and pasting this link ($150 daily)

Think of making $150 PayPal money per day when you simply copy and paste a mere link! That sounds crazy but yes, it works. In this post, I will help you know how you can earn money online copying and pasting this link

You can even make double or triple that amount if you take this post seriously and implement it as given step by step.

Don’t skip anything, don’t scroll, or just scan through maybe trying to find something here and there. Just read through systematically and you will get it well.

You don’t want to miss out on important points on how it is supposed to be done for you to make such an amount of money online doing simple tasks such as copying and pasting links.

I do it of course strategically and that is what I want to share with you.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity. To do this proceed as follows:

Great, let us now dive into this smart Idea that will help you to earn money online copying and pasting links.

How the opportunity works


The easiest way any beginner can start making money online is through affiliate marketing. By this I mean, you simply create an account with a website that is acting as an intermediary between the owner of the product, the buyer, and that person who wants to promote that product.

In this case, you are the person who will be promoting that product. And the good thing is that you create an account that is free forever. And yet you still will make money with your link. Does that make sense?

All you got to do is to copy your affiliate link and paste it in someplace and money will start flowing in like magic. No tricks, it’s real I do this and you also can do this. The good thing is that this is global.

Anyone from anywhere around the world can do this and start earning.  Now let me break it down into steps so that you can understand this. Set up your mindset and be sure, in a short while you will be smiling at your Paypal account balance.

Step by step guide to earn money online copying and pasting links

As said earlier, you literally will be copying and then pasting a link. Well, it is done in a specific way which I am about to reveal to you.

Just keep reading to get it right, apply the guide correctly, and start making money online. Definitely, if you skip around this post you will end up saying “I can’t get it. It is hard” and yet it is so easy to implement. Let us get to our first step.

Step 1: Click here and create your affiliate account

Something most beginners fail to understand is that, when you share any of your links anywhere, they remain there permanently.

And so, you need to capitalize on this by sharing links that will really make money for you today, tomorrow, and forever. These are the type of links I want you to get for yourself now.

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Ok, I know you did just that. So now click here to create your free affiliate account. This link will take you right to the account creation page. Select Affiliate and then fill the form and submit your application. Your approval will be instant after verifying your email.

aaa earn money online copying and pasting this link

Once you are logged into your affiliate account, click on Marketplace from the menu.

earn money online copying and pasting this link aa

Next, you will need to find a product that you will be getting a link for. This is what you will do. On the left side of your dashboard, you will see a list of categories.

Select Services from the list.  We will be getting the link for the Forex Mentor Linking System. Actually, it is one of the top products on the list.

The reason why you want to promote this product is that:

  1. Forex trading products are super selling today globally.  People are locked down and the effect of the Corona Virus has people wanting to earn from home. And as you even can tell looking at the rating. This product is in high demand.
  2. This seller will pay you 65% of the selling price. That is around $15. Isn’t that generous?

Does that make sense? well, now click on the Promote button to get your link.

Do you remember I told you, you will earn money online copying and pasting links? There you go now, you are just about to get the link for you to copy.

Once you click on the Promote Now button, this will pop up a new window having your personal link.

your link will appear like what you are seeing below. Now, select the link and copy it into the computer memory.

You also notice that this vendor provides ready-made templates with testimonials to help you run promotions and make sales.

Step 3: Copy your affiliate link & shorten it

Once your link is provided as given in the image above. Highlight the link and copy it into the computer memory. You notice the link is quite long. So we need to make it look a bit neat.

Get to bitly.com URL shortener and then paste the link right there so that you can shorten it. Once it is shortened. Click on the copy button.

Now that you have copied your shortened link which looks much better. You now need to get to your final step which is pasting your link and get to make money.

Step 4: Paste your link to paying prospects

Now, this becomes the most important part of the whole process. You need to do it well and to the right audience to ensure you make money from your link.

There are two ways you can do this:

  • Get to Google and search for Forex forums or get to findaforum.com and then join all of those forums for trading and stock exchange. Next, what you need to do is start a conversation in all those forums and share your link with those users.
  • The second method is to get to Facebook, search for Forex groups, Forex signals or search for Trading groups and join all of them. Once you are approved into the groups, go ahead and start a conversation and share your link with friends who find your conversation interesting.

Below is a sample script you can use to post in the groups:


So members will start flooding your post with comments. What you will need to do is to send each of those individuals commenting on your post a direct message (INBOX) telling them something like:

Here is the forex system that I used to link me to a personal forex mentor and things are workingout so cool. (Paste your bitly link here)

Just that easy. and sure you really can do this. Let me give you a secret and bonus tips on how you can manage to do this and make money online. I love making money online and I know you also want to make money online and quit that boring job or school…

Have a look at what I got for you in the final thoughts below.

Our final thoughts

For real, no hype and no tricks, this method works and you wanna thank me in a while for having posted this. Forex trading is one top-selling niche today in this time of coronavirus that is full of uncertainty and job security.

To succeed in doing this, concentrate, stop chats, shut down your Tv and get to work for just 4 hrs daily. Do this daily and you eventually will be quitting your job. Consistency has always won the hearts of online customers.

Let’s do the math. From the millions in the forums and Facebook groups. If you get only 10 people per day to click your link and get this product, 10×15 gives you on the low end $150 (Ksh. 15,000) per day.

If you be consistent and you do this like 4hours per day for five days a week. in a month you will have worked for 20 days. This roughly makes it (20 days x $150) = $3,000 (Ksh 300,000).

Why will you even need your boring job when you can make such a figure from the comfort of anywhere on this earth just using a laptop and an internet connection? Let me share with you some bonus tips below.

  • Most forex traders want to make fast money but they do not have a personal mentor. Capitalize on that to make them get  mentor. 
  • Share your links for at least 4 hours daily to the above-stated audience to build trust.
  •   To avoid virtual facebook jail, make several post templates and use bitly in-private window to create many shortened links of your affiliate link. This will make your post appear new to Facebook each time you post. Also, have time intervals between making posts to avoid Facebook viewing you as a robot (because you post so fast). Finally, create several Facebook accounts to keep engaging your audience from different angles. Using a beautiful or handsome being as a profile can really boost your engagement… just a trick hahaha!

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I wish you all the best in your journey to making money online.

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