Machine Operator Job Open At Sheer Logic

Sheer Logic Management Consultants is seeking to engage dynamic individuals for Machine Operator positions for one of our clients.  Below is the job summary.

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Great, below is for the advertised position. Read through to see details.

Job summary

Machine Operator runs the various machinery used during the preparation, packaging, and manufacturing of the various products within the factory. He or she should ensure the efficient running of production. The position holder should be reliable and able to work with keen attention to detail and safety standards.

The goal will be to ensure that production procedures will be carried on smoothly to minimize time wastage during operations.


  • A Certificate in Electrical, Mechanical, or Production Engineering
  • At least two (2) years experience in a production set in a similar organization.
  • Working technical knowledge on basic machine operations and maintenance is an added advantage.
  • Practical experience in the use of MS packages.


  • Operate machine equipment along with replenishment of packaging materials as required.
  • Liaise with the quality personnel to ensure all the products being packaged or manufactured have been inspected and approved.
  • Identify and convey any malfunctions to concerned parties for remedy.
  • Following all the laid down standard operating procedures as when operating the machine as per the machine user manual.
  • Ensure maximum housekeeping rules such as cleanliness proper arrangement or organization of equipment to prevent hazards at the workplace.
  • Performing minor alignment of the headers of the different packing machines to ensure the packaging and the operations of the machines is as per the set guidelines thus zero defects.
  • Reporting defects wastages and any abnormal machine operations to the quality and the engineering department personnel for rectification.
  • Ensure all duties are performed in line with health and safety standards. Safety first.
  • Ensuring the work is all tasks done and meets the set threshold set by the line manager in line with the manufacturing specifications in place.
  • Comply with established safety and security standards by wearing apt personal protective equipment for tasks as directed.
  • Conveyors report hazards related to equipment to staff working near and with machines.
  • Complete all documents related to equipment operation on daily basis to check on machine efficiency.
  • Collaborate with engineers, supervisors to enhance processes, procedures, and training methods.
  • Assist development of training materials to improve quality, processes and lessen cycle time.
  • Occasionally removing and packing finished products during production or packaging.
  • Conducting periodic checks on output efficiency and raise concerns to the line manager.
  • Ensuring the smooth and efficient running of machines.
  • Performance of any other duties which are in line with the factory operations.
  • Comply with plant/equipment scheduled maintenance.
  • Liaise with maintenance for major breakdowns and ensure that the machines are serviced on time and routinely to reduce plant downtime.
  • Participate in the actual change-over process to ensure the product quality is upheld in the next shift.
  • Prepare and submit reports to the Line Controller of downtime and the product quality index at their station with the aim of driving enhanced performance.
  • Inspect the quality of dry goods to ensure conformance to the established standards for a high-quality product index.
  • Minimize waste.

How To Apply:

Kindly send your CV to by 16th July 2021 clearly marking – “Machine Operator”

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