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This is why we believe you will be satisfied 100% with our linking service. The truth is that beginners fail because they gamble and yet forex is a skill that you need to be taught. Think of this, Your 6 yr old son has a bullet stuck in his skull. You get referred to an Orthopedic then you are asked to first pay $1,000 consultation fees. Well, you have no otherwise but to pay. You meet your doctor and you are asked to pay another $2,000 for surgery plus medication. Will you pay? Now in this case you are not just saving your life, you are saving many lives out of poverty. Once we link you to a mentor. We are certain that you will carefully manage your forex account in person and grow to financial freedom. Our price is so low and it is one time fee no hype! Think of how many people you will help when you get financially free trading forex then hit the green button and let us do this...

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Mary Kimberly

College Accountant

You really helped me. My mentor is so handy. With the skills I learn from the mentorship sessions, I rarely make wrong predictions. Am even thinking of quiting my job. Again so much thanks!


I noticed this site in ads online and I gave it a trial. I am so glad that I was connected and am now practicing what my mentor instructs me on. There is so much I have learned that I missed out in the forex eBooks I was reading previously. Thank You Blazona.

Ayaan Falak


Jack Grimm

Fashion Model

Am lost of words to express my appreciation to you. You linked me to the best mentor ever . I had been scammed by forex account managers severally before I landed on this site. Now I manage my account on my own. Am so greatful!


Saved My Account. Much thanks


Thanks Blazona!


Helped Me Alot


Great Work. Thanks!

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There are things you will never get to know on your own. In fact, they will just go unnoticed that is why you need a mentor.


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Learn the basic Principles of forex trading.


Secret Two

Use technical analysis to forecast trades


Secret Three

Analyze the country’s inflation, trade balance.


Secret Four

Tell your good story on the forex charts

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We are serious about our program linking you to top trusted Forex mentors and want you to be serious too. Therefore, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the mentor you will be linked to within 60 days of purchase. In this resource you also get the following:


By now you must be seeing the value in getting linked to a forex mentor. As said earlier, I would still do it for free but I need to get serious individuals who really want to be mentored and ready to learn.


This is a one-time payment fee and you get an expert at your disposal



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Frequently Asked Questions

This tells you of how much value you are just yet to get out of this service. Keep reading to understand what I mean. Just the other day Jenkins (my neighbor) had gone to the bank in the city center to collect his Visa card. Unfortunately, he arrived at a time when armed robbers had raided the bank and there in was hot fire exchange with the city police. Jenkins without notice of what was happening, he alighted from the taxi. No sooner had he alighted than a stray bullet pierced through his left thigh. He screamed for help announcing his innocence but then who would help when everyone was more concerned of personal safety? Jenkins had no otherwise but lye on the ground bleeding profusely as he awaited for a Samaritan to help. Definitely if any was to come then he only would come after the gunfire exchange has ended.  Jenkins lay there cursing why he even came to pick his bank card that evening. After 20 to 30 minutes of hopeful waiting. The police first aid team came over to him and tried to manage the bleeding before he was rushed to a nearby hospital. While there, Jenkins was attended to and the wound was well dressed. However, the bullet was stuck right at the center of his left femur. Unfortunately the hospital he was sent to couldn’t handle his condition and so he was referred to an orthopedic. So Jenkins’ family took him to the recommended Orthopedic in the city.  At the reception, the nurse welcomed them with a calm smile. They then inquired of whether they could see the doctor. “Do you have an appointment with the doctor?” the nurse politely asked. “No, but we have been referred here from Eldoret District hospital” Jenkins’ sister answered. She proceeded to explain what her brother had passed through just before they came over to see the doctor. The nurse keenly followed the whole story as she nodded in concern. When she had taken all the notes on what they had explained. She sympathized with them and then gave them what I call rude reality. She said, “the doctor is around though busy, to book an appointment with him you need to pay $400 consultation fees first, and then treatment bills will be communicated to you after your appointment with him!” Now Jenkins had no otherwise but pay the appointment fees. He was then booked. Three days later he came and had the bullet removed. He again was asked to pay service fee – which he did. Now listen, Forex trading is such a valuable art that mentors may require a down payment of at least $800 and then charge you  over $1,000 per month to mentor you. All you get are recorded video clips and limited live sessions with the mentors. Fortunately, with this service at Blazona you will get connected to experts who will be there for you always anytime you need them forever with no limits. We are linking you to high valued service. Don’t under estimate the pricing. Jenkins paid $400 to see an Orthopedic and save his leg from getting amputated. You are paying $27 only instead of $79 to get linked to a mentor that will evolve your forex trading skills. Your forex account will be saved in a way that you will not blow your balance. If you really care about making money trading forex then here is an opportunity for you to get connected and grow your bank account balance. Millionaires always take advantage of the slightest opportunity to save and make money. I hope you get what I mean, Click the green button and let us link you now if you find value in what am talking about.

There really is a big difference and an impending danger of getting scammed. With our service once you make your order, we give you access to contacts of a mentor who will definitely engage you knowing you were recommended by us. If in any case the mentor happens to be out of reach, just inform our support service and we will help to get in touch So you can be guaranteed of legit service from us.

Yes, we offer a 60 days refund warrantee. If you dislike our service then you can initiate a refund request and you will receive your money back no questions asked.  

No, Blazona Org will not charge you any extra charges other than the resource of your choice. You only get charged for a resource you choose to checkout. Also note that The withdrawal from your account will be done by Digistore24 when making your payment.

Digistore24 supports most of the most convenient gateways for you to use when making payments. Currently you have options to either use PayPal or your bank  cards.


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