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How do I start this? I Am overwhelmed with joy while sharing with you this opportunity. I find it to be such an exclusive post that not all will have an opportunity to read it – thank your gods you are reading it now. 

In fact, someone out there is charging not less than Ksh. 10,000 ($100) for such information. In short, I want to tell you that the information in this post is worth Ksh. 10,000 plus and yet I am writing it to you just for free. Do not take it for granted. read and act accordingly.

I will tell you the Safe way to trade forex and earn an unlimited amount of money daily risk-free. No loses! If you are a complete beginner about forex trading, I recommend that you first read this forex trade101 post on – All you need to know before you start trading forex

let us get started… 

What is forex trading?

I will try to be simple in my language while writing this particular post to help you grasp the concept clearly. For detailed vocabularies on forex, you really may need to read our forex 101 article.

Forex trading is an online opportunity where you will get a chance to analyze and speculate on the pricing of currencies and commodities. 

The currencies are traded in pairs for instance GBP/USD or EUR/USD. Whereas commodities are traded independently i.e Gold, Petroleum.  

All these are referred to as trading assets. As a trader, you will need to choose an asset that you want to trade. You may choose several in a day. Once you have chosen an asset, the price movement of the asset will be displayed on the trading terminal inform of a chart.

Now you will take some time to analyze the chart then you can decide whether the price will go high (sell) or will go low (buy) after a certain period of time which you set yourself. Correct analysis and forecast will earn you 82% instant profit into your account. 

As a forex trading beginner, you do not have previous trading experience. And so, you may not know how to analyze the charts. But do not worry, that is why Blazona is here.

In this post, I will help you know what exactly you can do to start making correct forecasts and trade successfully in forex, and build your financial freedom.

What you need to get started.

To start trading forex, you will need to have:

1. A computer or a high-speed mobile phone. I personally recommend that you get either a laptop or a desktop computer.

2. An internet connection (It should be fast and stable)

3. Learn to control and tame these three emotions:- Fear to lose, Greed for success, and Anger to revenge. It is super easy to manage them and at the same time if they overwhelm you they can ruin your day.

These emotions commonly overwhelm traders if they are just gambling and not trading. In forex we trade, we never gamble. At any point, if you find yourself gambling then know that either of those emotions has taken control of you. Find a way to tame it quickly.

We all are human and are emotional. However, if you manage to tame your emotions then money will flow into your account daily.

4. An account with a trading platform. 

Trading platforms

Previously, I discussed the first three requirements in a previous post on forex. Let’s get direct to point number four so we can find out how we can make thousands in a day trading without making referrals.

I know how difficult it is to find a downline when doing referral marketing. The good thing about trading forex is that you can make millions before inviting a downline – you just be analyzing price charts, forecasting, and making your withdrawals. 

Let’s now talk platforms…

Olymptrade is the platform I personally use to trade forex though I got several accounts with other forex brokers. However, I still find Olymptrade to be my favorite.

To all our readers reading this article today, we got a deal for you if you create a free account at Olymptrade now using our coupon. You will get $10,000 free virtual funds added to your Olymptrade account.

Are you doubting? Click here to view the Olymptrade coupon. Follow instructions on how to use the coupon code while creating your account. Creating an account is absolutely free.

After creating an account, what next?

I believe you loved using our coupon link to create your Olymptrade account. I also know that you noticed funds added to your account free to start trading with. That is what we call friendship, You trusted us, we delivered. Now next is to make setup within the Olymptrade trading terminal.

Step 1. Set up chart and  indicators

These are what will give you signals on when to start and end the trade. There are so many indicators you can use when trading at Olymptrade but as a beginner, You could fumble around and worst of all never find the best trading indicator for you to start a trade.

I will explain my favorite combination of indicators and how to set them up in your Olymptrade account. For more of these indicators, and trading analysis you can find them here.

When trading at Olyptrade, I love using either the EMA indicator or the Parabolic. Let us set up the  Parabolic indicator.

Log into your newly created Olymptrade account. You will be met with a  line chart. This one isn’t safe for trading on. You will need to change this to one with candlesticks chart patterns.

To do this, find an icon as one shown below then click on it and select Japanese candlesticks from the options that appear. Each Japanese candlestick represents a set duration of time. I will explain this duration and candlesticks later on.

Japanese candle sticks

Your chart area will change to a display like the one shown below. Next, you will need to add trading indicators. Find the Icon as the one shown in the image below and click on it. 

olymptrade indicators

Now you will click on the parabolic option from the list that pops up as shown in the figure below. Please note that this will make pink dots appear on the top or bottom of the candlesticks chart as shown below. 


Set chart timeframe for analysis

Remember each candlestick represents a specific time duration. And it is the several candlesticks that come together to form chart patterns that you can easily interpret then make a forecast with the help of the trading indicators and make money. 

This timeframe really helps in analysis. To set the timeframe for each candlestick, click on this area (shown below) and choose a duration of your choice. Olymptrade allows this timeframe to start from as low as 15 seconds. I normally set this to 1 minute.

chart analysis time

Set trade duration, trade amount, choose an asset

You now will need to set the trade duration and the much you will stake for your trade. You literally will be telling Olymptrade that I have analyzed the chart for this asset and with the help of the indicators set.

I am sure the price of this particular currency or commodity will go up (Buy) or will go down (Sell) after 2 or 3 minutes. And to seal the agreement I stake this amount.

In case your forecast is correct, you will make an 82% profit on top of what you stake. For example, you stake $5 and your forecast is correct, you will make $5+(82% of $5) making it $9.1 added to your account immediately at the end of the set timeframe. 

However, in case the forecast is wrong then you will only lose the staked amount. The good thing is that you will never lose anything more than what you staked. Also, you may choose to close a trade if you notice that you made a wrong analysis and you will get staked amount refunded to your account. So it’s risk-free! that is why I love Olymptrade.

To set this, use the slots on the right side of the screen as shown below. Click in the respective section to set a required setting.

NB: the buttons are used for trading however don’t trade first. let us analyze the chart using the parabolic indicator first then we can trade. 

Also, the most traded currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD. However, you may choose any pair listed when you click on location number 3.

Safe way to trade forex

Analysis and trading

Once you have done the setup as given above. Next is for you to interpreter the parabolic indicator and then place your trade. So this is how the parabolic indicator is interpreted. 

When the pink dots change and appear above the candles, the next trend will be downward. You can buy a DOWN in a long time. Set your forecast time 2 minutes or more. On the other hand, when the pink dots change and appear below the candles, the next trend will be upward. You can buy an UP in a long time

We usually look at the first dot and confirm with the second dot. See the image below.

Safe way to trade forex\

Please note the following: Use this indicator for some time on the free account you created using our coupon deal. Use the free funds to trade and hone your trading skills. Once you have mastered and feel comfortable making money trading.

Proceed and deposit funds to your Olymptrade account and use the same learned skill to trade. Olymptrade allows a minimum deposit of $10 but I recommend you start with at least $50. When trading, Do not stake more than 10% of your total deposit per single trade.

As you can see in the image below. I used the parabolic trend indicator, changed the trade currency to CHF/ JPY, and made a few trades.

Of the six trades I made, I won five of them (in green) and closed the sixth one after I noticed wrong forecasting (In red). Some funds were refunded back to my account after I closed the trade.  

to trade on a live account and make money, click where the arrow is pointing in the image to switch accounts.

Safe way to trade forex

To make a deposit, simply click on the blue button named Deposit and you will be prompted to select a deposit method. We always recommend you use Skrill. It is instant both deposit and withdrawal. You may click here to create a Free skrill account. 

Risk warning:

Trading Forex or CFDs (contracts for difference) on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss equal to or greater than your entire investment. Therefore, you should not invest or risk money that you cannot afford to lose. 

Final thoughts

As a beginner, you should never find trading forex to be such a challenge. In fact, Olymptrade has made it easier for you to start trading. you do not strain much doing analysis since it got lots of trend indicators and strategies you can use to make money anytime always.

And guess what, You do not need to refer a friend to make this cash. Just applying the indicators, mastering the art, entry point, and then success comes smiling your way.

This is what I tell my readers and any forex trading beginner that once you to trade forex:

Create an account using the Blazona coupon deal. Pick an indicator. Choose a strategy. Use the Free account to sharpen your skill. Add funds to your account. Start trading and make quick money from Olymptrade.

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